Foxeer 5.8GHz Mini Circular Polarized Omni Antenna (RHCP) (RPSMA) (Red)

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(RHCP) (RPSMA) (Red)


The Foxeer line of antennas provides many different options for all FPV enthusiasts needs. If you're looking for a specific color, length, Left Hand Polarization, or Right Hand Polarization. These antennas can be used both on the Video Transmitter side, and the Video Receiver side. 

Frequency range: 5600-5950 MHz 
Gain: 3DBi 
SWR: <1.5 
3dB horizontal lobe width: 360° 
3dB verticle lobe width: 120° 
Polarization: Omni 
Max power: 50W 
Resistance: 50Ω 
Lightning protection: DC Grounded 
Polarization: RHCP 
Connector: RPSMA 
Overall Length: 61.2mm 
Cable Length: 28mm (From bottom of cap, to top of RPSMA) 
Weight: 12g